The Aramaic Words of Jesus, May 15, 2022

Rublev Icon

Icon of Christ, Savior + Andrei Rublev
1360? - 1437

This famous icon by the renowned iconographer, St. Andrei Rublev was part of the iconostasis — altar screen — for the Monastery of Svenigrod near Moscow. Christ is depicted as Savior expressing great love and compassion for sinners in a face filled with light, kindness and gentleness. In 1918, experts of Russian iconography knowing that this icon had existed and that this celebrated artist lived in this ancient town, carefully searched the Church of the Annunciation and surrounding annexes. Had it lain unknown somewhere for centuries? There in a timber store under a firewood pile they found three blackened icon boards. When they were cleaned this icon appeared with one of Archangel Michael and one of St. Paul. Later a document was found that confirmed the truth of this wonderful find. The icon is dated 1410.

Between Disappointment and Empowerment: The Road to Emmaus with the Aramaic Jesus...

Easter Letter 2022

The Road to Emmaus
Ivanka Demchuk, Ukraine Iconographer

An online retreat with Brother Joseph Kilikevice, O.P., and Neil Douglas-Klotz
15 May 2022 on Zoom

0900-1200 West Coast North America
1000-1300 Central North America (Chicago)
1100-1400 East Coast North America
1600-1900 UK
1700-2000 Central Europe

An online retreat and sharing between two longtime friends, Brother Joseph in Illinois, and Neil in Scotland, including chanting words of the Aramaic Jesus, icon gazing, contemplative prayer, meditation, spirited conversation, and silence. Neil will also share more from his forthcoming new book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus (coming in October 2022).

Together we will illuminate some moments from the latter part of Yeshua’s story that address some of the same challenges and desperate situations we face today. Viewed through the lens of his native Aramaic language, and with the sincerity of our own hearts, we can be empowered to “do the works that I have done—and greater.” (John 14:12)

Brother Joseph Kilikevice is the founder and director of the Shem Center for
Interfaith Spirituality in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. The Shem center offers the
sojourners of all spiritual paths and faith traditions, as well as those who claim none, a sacred space where all are respectfully welcomed to encounter the wisdom found in the sacred traditions of the peoples of the world.

Neil Douglas-Klotz is the author of many books on the native spirituality of
ancient Southwest Asia (the Middle East), including the most recent Revelation ofthe Aramaic Jesus, due in October. Abwoon Network:

All are welcome. By free will donation of any amount.

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Shem Center for Interfaith Spirituality
708 North Harvey Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302

(708) 848-1095

Photo Credits: Emory Mead, Stephen B. Starr, Joseph Kilikevice

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