Ask, Seek, Knock—A Spring Renewal Retreat on Zoom

Rublev Icon

Icon of Christ, Savior + Andrei Rublev
(1360? - 1437)

This famous icon by the renowned iconographer, St. Andrei Rublev was part of the iconostasis (altar screen) for the Monastery of Svenigrod near Moscow. Christ is depicted as Savior expressing great love and compassion for sinners in a face filled with light, kindness and gentleness. In 1918, experts of Russian iconography knowing that this icon had existed and that this celebrated artist lived in this ancient town, carefully searched the Church of the Annunciation and surrounding annexes. Had it lain unknown somewhere for centuries? There in a timber store under a firewood pile they found three blackened icon boards. When they were cleaned this icon appeared with one of Archangel Michael and one of St. Paul. Later a document was found that confirmed the truth of this wonderful find. The icon is dated,1410.

Ask, Seek, Knock—A Spring Renewal Retreat on Zoom

Ask, Seek, Knock—A Spring Renewal Retreat on Zoom

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Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, Abwoon Network,
Br. Joseph Kilikevice, OP, Shem Center for Interfaith Spirituality.

Sunday, January 28, 2024
8 am – 11 am, West Coast North America
10 am – 1 pm, Central Standard Time, Chicago
11 am – 2 pm, East Coast, North America
1600-1900, Scotland, UK
1700-2000, Central Europe

Recordings will be available to those who register.
Donations welcome (instructions for donation follow by email after you register).

We meet just before the time of Candlemas and Bridget’s Day, a traditional time of renewal and rediscovering the light as it grows within us. As Nature gradually begins to revive, so also what was sleeping within us wakes up!

The words of Yeshua, “ask, seek, knock” (Matt. 7:7) form a center point of time together. Heard in Aramaic these words ask us to:

“Open yourself like a channel for the water of your desire; you will see love’s fruit. Allow your inner gnawing emptiness to really empty you, making space for the fire of fulfillment. Knock and hollow your self, release hopes and fears. After contraction comes expansion, after closing comes opening.”

He suggests we sing a note of simplicity and strength, responding to the world through the lens of the heart. Thinking, acting and being are required for this work.

Using chant, sacred art, meditation, body prayer, and creative processes, we will consider together Yeshua’s words and our call to “tikkun olam,“ Hebrew words meaning, “to repair the world.”

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