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Shem Center For Interfaith Spirituality

Shem Center for Interfaith Spirituality
Joseph Kilikevice, Founding Director
Steven G. Miller, Assistant Director

Advent/Christmas, 2023

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”
― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A holiday message that ignores the injustice and pain of today’s world is difficult to put into words. The “good news” of the birth of Jesus, the one we call, “Savior,” is stifled by the heartbreaking news of insurgency and the suffering and death of innocent civilians. The inescapable human anguish of those trapped in the conflict in Gaza appears live in our news media. The suffering and death of infants and children is happening to achieve military victory over long standing enemies. The lack of water, food, electricity, fuel and medical supplies in hospitals constitutes crimes against humanity, and war continues.

As we search for ways to protect our children from danger and the profound sadness of our time, we attempt to offer them the delights of a holiday season full of the joy and surprises of holidays we want them to have. An adult world full of conflict, lies and danger is one we want to guard them against. We attempt to give our children the stories, music, gifts and colorful decorations that say, “Rejoice! the Son of God has come to live among us.” A momentary relief comes to us as we try to give the what others gave us when we were their age. Yet courageous care givers remain in harm’s way to attempt to relieve human suffering in another part of the world.

Yet, we are a people who in these dark days still believe in a Savior who comes proclaiming truth, justice and love among all people.

“I came, for your story, I came for your wounds, to show you what Love sees when I see you.”  — Mac Powell

Holding you and all children of the world in our common bond of love,

— Joseph Kilikevice

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