Male Spirit

Male Spirit

"Sometimes I am powerful passion. Sometimes I am gentle affection. Always I am a man."

Male Spirit

Presented by Brother Joseph Kilikevice, OP

Discovering, honoring and celebrating the spiritual journeys of men.

Since 1986, Male Spirit has welcomed men from throughout the country into retreat experiences for those searching for an authentic maleness beyond one inherited from a social construct lacking in sufficient wisdom and direction. Our purpose is to find a path that leads to a more deeply spiritual and satisfying life.

Together we create a sacred space in which the rituals that connect men with the Creator, the earth and one another in powerful interdependence begin to be realized. Strength, courage and beauty are united in the celebration of one another’s fears, struggles and triumphs. The diversity of spiritual paths men take is honored and a clear intention to serve one another as brothers, friends and guides for life’s journey is undertaken.

Our approach is always respectful, supportive and dignifying. Male Spirit seeks to help men connect with an honorable ancestry of maleness, to one another as companions and to our sons, welcoming them into a lineage of sacred maleness.

Men of every faith tradition, spiritual path, culture, age and sexual orientation are invited to join us. Young men with their fathers, guardians, or other adult men who are significant in their lives are invited to inquire about the ceremonies of passage/initiation offered during Male Spirit weekend retreats.

Monthly Male Spirit Zoom Meeting
These 90 minute Zoom gatherings are offered to reaffirm Male Spirit retreat experiences for men who have made the retreat as well as to warmly welcome new men who wish to join us.

Date, time and Zoom link for each meeting can be had by sending an e-mail to Steve Miller.

I Am Home Wherever I Am

Our retreats have always included singing as well as "The Dances of Universal Peace" to enhance and deepen the experience. This recording captures something of the vigor and enthusiasm of Male Spirit men on a weekend retreat. 
Steve Miller, one of our co-directors is the composer.