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Environment Illinois is Protecting Our Bees

Buzzing from flower to flower, bees shape the world around us. From upholding our food system to preserving biodiversity, bees are our best pollinators. But did you know these facts about bees?

There are 4,000 native bee species in America.1  Bees come in as many sizes, shapes and colors as the flowers they pollinate. Even the world’s smallest bee — just 2 millimeters long — calls America home!

Bees don’t just live in hives! Only social bees live in hives, making up 10% of bee species across the world.2  Other bees can be found in marshes, sand dunes, cliffs, peatlands, wetlands, grasslands, quarries, gravel pits, sea walls and even more amazing places. But across the country, their habitat is being destroyed by human activity.

One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators.3  From coffee to strawberries to chocolate, we can thank bees for many of our favorite treats. Bees work hard to help make the delicious food we eat possible. It’s time we return the favor and work hard to help the bees.

Just a tiny amount of neonicotinoid pesticides can cause permanent brain damage in baby bees when brought into hives. Many bee populations are in freefall, and we’re working to ban the worst uses of neonics to turn this around and save the bees.

These incredible insects face many threats, but with your help, Environment Illinois is committed to protecting all our pollinators.

Thank you,
Paloma Paez-Coombe

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